Improving Immunization Rates through Optimizing Pharmacy’s Role in Providing Immunization Services: Self-Assessment

Infectious Diseases
Launch Date:
April 02, 2013
Expiration Date:
The accreditation for this activity has expired.

Primary Audience:

Phamacists, Pharmacy technicians

Relevant Terms:

Immunizations, Pneumococcal Disease, Revaccination, Vaccination, Vaccine Administration

1. Identify pneumococcal vaccine candidates based on age, past medical history, medication profile, and/or social history
2. Recognize a patient who is a candidate for revaccination with the pneumococcal vaccine
3. Identify the appropriate product, dose and administration of the pneumococcal vaccine
4. Utilize current immunization schedules to identify patient-specific vaccination needs
5. Recommend appropriate patient education related to the pneumococcal vaccine

This Self-Assessment has been created as part of a Medical Education Grant awarded by Pfizer to Shenandoah University in partnership with Kerr Pharmacy, RXAlly and RealCME.